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The Pinnacle Group Inc.India Services caters to streamline and integrate business process and IT systems by embracing emerging technologies to provide custom solutions catering to a wide range of enterprises spanning in IT/ ITES, BFSI, Manufacturing and Distributions segments. In the technology driven era, most IT deployments are likely to be consisting of multi-technology environment and host of systems and applications. Hardware and Software systems Designing, Architecting, Implementation and Integration can be very complex tasks and would require combination of Technological expertise, Alliances, Experience and Project Management skills. Furthermore, time and cost are also other factors which would be considered most essential during system integration and implementation.

System Integration related issues are likely to arise during implementation and integration of the new technologies. If not dealt with properly, these System Integration issues may require significant investment of time and additional cost that you would want to avoid. These issues can put strain on your resources and could divert you from your business objectives.

Our System Integration services combine experience, knowledge and expertise along with a client oriented approach. Our services are designed to provide you with solutions from small to complex System Integration issues in a timely and cost effective manner.

A natural sequel to system integration is maintenance in order to ensure the desired system performance and results. Therefore, we also provide services for various maintenance and user related tasks after system installation through our team of experienced technical experts in each of the domains.

With our specialized System integration Services packages, The Pinnacle Group Inc.India Services is dedicated to achieve great results and we are committed to ensure delivering on the SLA's expected from the Business Critical Enterprise IT Infrastructure.

Our KEY differentiators are

Experience: Over 17 years of experience in providing solutions and services to Customers in the Enterprise Segment. Expertise: Pioneers in introducing technology companies to the Indian market- Netapp, Veritas, Peribit, Netscreen, Isilon, Netscalar, FusionIO, BladeNetwork among others Value: Focused in the identified domain, strong relationships with Technology partners, Technology expertise and Business understanding Vision: Establish and consolidate our leadership position as your preferred partner of choice for Services.