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The Pinnacle Group Inc.India helps put the sense of security back into the business. Because we know security issues are not just technical, it is more a business one. Which is why after making a customer risk profile, we develop a plan that optimize security spending, strategy, and performance. Increasing threats, evolving network environments and new business requirements necessitates a fresh approach to security that will not compromise on either performance or cost. Our solutions address complex issues involved in diagnosing, assessing and implementing security solutions. Our solutions provide protection from network layer to the application layer in the areas of infrastructure security, content security and identity management.

Infrastructure Security

Offers perimeter security using firewall, advanced methods of privacy & integrity (VPN) and sophisticated intrusion detection & prevention. Provides effective solutions that secure data from within the perimeter, checking and detecting attacks from beyond the perimeter and controlling access to all information.

Content Security

Manages application layer- Spam and relay protection using an extensive array of anti spam technologies, anti virus solutions, preventing transmission of confidential data. Identity Management: Manages information about users, whoever they are, how they are authenticated, and what they can access. All this is done through foolproof passwords, stringent enforcement policies together with acquiring, integrating, testing and deploying independent security solution components.

Email Security

Provides next generation email security platform built on robust AsyncOS, which provides complete email security. This includes Reputation Filtering (Threat Prevention), Content Scanning, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus.