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The Pinnacle Group Inc.India understands the need of the hour: To build a responsive, scalable and cost-effective IT infrastructure. Because while moving data efficiently to the end user is critical for smooth business operations of any organization, the existing infrastructure is steadily growing with more and more users and media rich applications getting added on a daily basis. The Pinnacle Group Inc.India ensures they facilitate this growth. The Pinnacle Group Inc.India;s intelligent networking solutions are largely built on the experience of having expertise in handling heterogeneous networks & addressing all aspects of network infrastructure that impacts performance. We add value to existing networks & optimize server and WAN infrastructure, design content friendly architectures & enhance application performance thereby lower Total Cost of Ownership for data centers.Our certified professionals integrate networks, particularly heterogeneous networks, using the best of techniques.

Enterprise Routing

Enables enterprises to upgrade to highly secure, stable and scalable routing platforms that ensure highest performance at lowest TCO.

Bandwidth Optimization

Optimizes available WAN bandwidth from the core to the edge. These focused solutions include Caching, Bandwidth Management.

Application Acceleration

Enables enterprises to optimize their bandwidth requirements, overcome inherent latency limitations of wide area networks and accelerate applications to improve operational efficiencies and deliver faster ROI.

Internet Optimization

Internet Access Control and Optimization Solutions are aimed at optimizing Internet bandwidth utilization and enforcing Internet access and security policies so as to mitigate risks and enhance productivity. Increasing threats, evolving network environments and new business requirements necessitates a fresh approach to security that will not compromise on either performance or cost. Our solutions address complex issues involved in diagnosing, assessing and implementing security solutions. Our solutions provide protection from network layer to the application layer in the areas of infrastructure security, content security and identity management. Infrastructure Design and Assessment: Provides a detailed analysis of bottlenecks and performance gaps based on business needs and suggests optimum architecture design, technology roadmap backed up with a solid TCO and ROI framework.

Network Audit

Offers cutting edge expertise. Right from comprehending the way network functions & identifying bottlenecks to pinpointing the deterioration in enterprise;s network & offering customized solutions.

Bandwidth Audit

Bandwidth Audit services are aimed at providing in-depth analysis about traffic flows, application behavior and bandwidth requirements that would enable enterprises to troubleshoot, fine-tune and provision their network infrastructure.

Managed Network Service

The Pinnacle Group Inc.India offers Remote Network/ System Monitoring and Management Service to monitor and administer Systems and Networking devices on pro-active and re-active basis from our SOC/NOC. This includes monitoring and managing Routers, Firewalls, IDS/IDP, Switches, Windows and Linux systems and other devices, which supports SNMP. Facilities Service Management: Includes setting up Service desk, augment with required skill sets through on-site deployments of personnel and administer/manage assets & vendor including requirements of spares on hardware & software licenses. Deliverables on Services are aligned with business requirements of customer. The benefit is strategic to reduce cost & overheads, leverage the skills available & reduce cost on IT management & increase accountability.