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Installation Services

There are Customers who enter into direct rate contracts with various OEMs due to either a global relationship or because of the volume of purchase. Many of these customers want an independent service provider to provide them with installations and commissioning services for equipment procured by them or equipment which they have received from one of their offices globally. Our trained and certified staff in various technologies enable us to provide these services to our customers on a man day basis, as a turnkey project or a long term contract.

Integration Services

Increasing Heterogeneity in the Datacenter is leading to customers seeking services from Neutral Systems Integrators like us, to help them integrate different technology products in their environment and work with them to get the networked, integrated technology infrastructure working as per the requirements of their Datacenter.

Assessment Services

Increasing capacities for Compute, Storage, Bandwidth to meet the unprecedented scale required for organizations while they are coping with the demands of a growing economy and business leaves behind many challenges. Space and Usage of resources are two important factors which have an impact on Opex and Capex. The key question is are the assets in the DC getting utilized. Are they working to its exected capacity, are they scaling as per the requirements, are the expected SLAs being met, Is their enough security, Is there enough headroom for planned expansion, does it comply to the frameworks and standards. We@The Pinnacle Group Inc.India can work with you to understand, study and analyse all these and more challenges which are thrown up on a daily basis.

Optimization Services

Performance Expectations and need for More resources are critical issues in the DC. Capacity Augmentation is a necessity given the demands of the growing economy and increasingly more transactions being done on the web as well as the increasingly high usage of this medium to reach out to our respective customers. Capacity augmentation not only does have challenges of integration and added complexity, more importantly it may need a higher investment in technology and will have an impact on space as well as your utility bills. We have the skills, expertise and experience in working with our customers to assess their current infrastructure, study it and advise them various means by which we can get the Infrastructure working in the most optimized manner to ensure performance expectations are met and also Capacity Augmentation Design and Spend can be optimized.